Managing Director's Message

Dear Student,
We promise to help you in your journey to achive your goal. Ekalabhya classes will identify your hidden talents an nourish you in all various entrances like AIPMT,AIIMS,JEE(M&A) and other State and National Level Examinations. Though each and every aspirants aspire to get sucess,still a few of them succeeded only. So a mere desire does not work in today's cut throat competive ambience. A selection of appropriate institution for coaching and guidance is a vital tast to perform. In Eklabhya we have significant education systems along with panel of experts who nplans and acts for intellectual improment of the pupils. We focus on the skill,tools and methods to sharpen theinner potential to provide maxiumum our view,preparation for examinations based on tree pillars.
i.Concept of Clarity,
ii.Contextual familliariry,
iii.Application expertise
Our innovative and dedicated teacher ensures that every student gets a firm grip of these pillars,very essential for arduous preparations. to ensure a student's sucess ,we have designed our coaching program in a scientific manner that develops both your knowledge and your problem solving ability. We welcome you at Eklabhya Classes,with a belief that you will put your whole hearted efforts to achieve your goal.Wishing you the very best for your forthcoming endeavour.

Director's Message

Eklabhya classes is a brain child of JN's Biologgy.he main mission of Managing Directors are to provides quality coaching in a competitive atmosphere to sprout their hidden talent and uplift them from grass root level to top level.(Nation Level) we on behalf of Eklabhy Classes, welcome you to join us and feel the blend of quality and innovation that can change you to be the world class,professional.Mr. Jagatananda Satapathy is the direcotor of Eklabhya Classes & Managing Director of JN'S Biology.
* Sucess usually comes to those who are too bust to be looking for it
* Our sucess in life is more typically a reflection of how we respond to the things happen to us.
* Alwayss remember that,sucess is the sum of small efforts,repeated day in and day out.just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do.
* Always believe that where there is a will ,there is a way.
* In order to succeed,your desire for sucess should be greater than your fear of failure.
* Always bear in mind that your own resolutions to sucess is more improtant than any other thing.
* you must keep in your mind that opportunities don,t happen,you have to create.
* whenever we see a sucessful person,we only see the public glories,never the private sacrifices to reach them.

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